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Trouble Shooting

In the event you find something isn’t working or won’t turn on, our Company will come to your property and diagnose the problem and if it is something we can correct we will give you an estimate.


Fuse Panel Elimination

This basically falls under the same category as service panel upgrade, fuse panels are a thing of the past and are not to electrical code specifications. There is no separation of the electrical circuits, therefore overloading and replacing the fuse are very common.


Service panel replacement or upgrade, Service panel upgrades and Main breaker replacement (all three are the same thing): 

Upgrades are essential for todays modern life.  Replacing is good but upgrading if possible is better.  Electric stoves, air conditioners, clothes dryers, dishwashers and swimming pool pumps are all part of todays norm.  Having enough power to operate these things makes life so much more comfortable and reliable.



These are great for providing power to different areas of a property, which will eliminate having to pull circuits all the way back to the main panel which can be time consuming and expensive. Sub-Panels are a great way to provide power to any type of addition, guest house, garages, swimming pools, spas, landscape lighting etc.


Appliance circuits, outlets and switches:

All of these are already part of the home but since most people aren’t able to build their dream home, they end up buying homes already built. Homeowners always have their own ideas to improve the home by adding circuits, outlets and switches. This gives the homeowner great pride in knowing they have what they want and where they want it.


Dedicated circuits: 

Dedicated circuits are all part of todays new construction running equipment such as computers, televisions, dishwashers, disposals, washing machines, and refrigerators etc. They all need their own circuits with no interruption for maximum operation.


GFCI protection

Ground fault circuit interrupter- is the best thing that has been invented for safety purposes since Edison lit up the first bulb. GFCI protection is basically installed at places where water is used: kitchen, bath, laundry, garages and outside the house. Very sensitive to moisture and will shut off power to outlet twice as fast as a regular receptacle to prevent accidental shock to the body.


Hot Tub and Pool Pump Circuits

Hot tubs and pool pumps require designated circuits for non-interference by other appliances, tools etc. Hot tubs use a higher voltage, sometimes 50 to 70 amps because of the heat that needs to be generated while pool pumps can run on 30 amps or less.



Todays lighting is so much more different and wide scale than before. It has actually become a thing of beauty for the front yard, back yard, security and dusk to dawn. High pressure sodium, metal halide fluorescent and LED give you more for less. With so much on the market and available, there’s no reason to live in the dark anymore.


Under Cabinet Lighting

This is a beautiful way to display your home not to mention the pleasure knowing lighting is the beauty of the natural world.  Under cabinet lighting comes in different types of fixtures to provide the homeowner with the appearance they want to achieve.


Recessed Lights

These are light fixtures that recess into the ceiling instead of being mounted on the face of the ceiling. You can add more lights for better visibility and the ceiling actually hides the fixture instead of the old fashioned bulky fixture in the middle of the room.


Landscape Lighting Design

Our company will be more than happy to meet with clients and discuss any plans to improve the outside appearance of the home, by adding low or high voltage accent lighting. If and when you decide to install landscape lighting, you will realize what a wise move this is and you’ll appreciate the appearance once you see them lit at night. Flood lights and photocells used outside are a great security measure and are controlled by either a timer switch or direct power. Design lighting can also add beauty and visibility around a pool area for additional security and safety.


Track Lighting and Chandeliers

When homeowner’s feel they need a change in the appearance of their current lighting, adding track lighting or a chandelier can make such a difference complimenting the home that much more. Installing a dimmer switch makes the use of these items much more enjoyable and with ease.


Lighting Ballast

These are used typically on fluorescent lighting fixtures. Most homes only use fluorescents in garages and work areas. These are always used in stores, offices and basements because they are very energy efficient.


Ceiling fans installation and wiring:

Living in the southwest and with the type of temperatures we have, ceiling fans are a great added comfort, plus the beauty and the fact that you can combine them with lighting is a must for all homes.


Smoke Detector

A great way to add safety to the home and are normally installed in living rooms, bedrooms and halls. The detector will emit a loud signal that will alert anyone in the home that smoke has entered the smoke detector vent and that there is a fire present in the home.


Doorbell and Doorbell Transformers

These can be added or replaced which is a good way to alert homeowner’s that someone has arrived at the front door or rear door.


Safety Inspection:

In the event of selling or buying a home, having the house inspected is the way to go. It may be more costly by not knowing and not being told of electrical problems with the home at purchase.  Also by fixing problems before the sale may increase your profits tremendously.



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